Printing Workshops and Others

Printing Workshops and Others

 Hallo! Yes, we have moved to Industry City in Sunset Park. We have a bigger space, and will be happy to share it with any of you who are interested in learning to print or needing space to work.

Upcoming printing workshops (click on dates for more info and ticket). More to come.

For Teens: Friday April 13

For Everyone: Saturday April 14


Come celebrate the Moon. Set your intentions on this next new moon and make a moon-phases wall hanging with us at our new neighbors, the "Brooklyn Flea."

On the next new moon, Saturday & Sunday March 17 & 18 we will hold workshops on how to make "Moon Phases wall hangings". These are based on soft silver foil  textile moons. Made of canvas, poly filler (or some lavender fill.) All materials will be provided and the workshop should take 1-2 hours (depending on your craft skills and ambitions). 

To make a single strand moon stuffer and stars, you'll need to purchase a ticket-value of $24. If you wish to make a larger piece, there will be more moons available at the event ($8 each).  Beyond that, all materials — beads, bells, yarns, needles, sticks and shells (and more) — are included. 

We will also print Tees and totes on the spot. Or, if you prefer, bring something from your closet and up-cycle it with a celestial print. It's not necessary to book for that, but let us know if you have a bunch of things to print so we can reserve a time slot for you — $5 per print.

To come make a Many Moons Wall Hanging purchase a ticket for a time slot of your choice here. 

Tickets available here 

Saturday March 17 & Sunday March 18 11.30-1.30 or 2.30-4.30

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