*All T-shirts are screen-printed at various printshops in New York, as well as at our own studio. All our printing is done by hand in small batches to order. This artisanal process may result in slight changes in color and placement. We consider them “perfectly imperfect.”
*Our inks are water-based and in some cases discharge “bleach out” inks that work by removing dye form the T-shirts to create a new color. We try to use the most environmentally friendly inks that we are able to source.


*To be on the safe side, machine wash your Lucky Fish T-shirt in cold water and line dry. I always put my own in the spin dryer on low, and they turn out fine, although some styles (especially kids’ tees) may shrink a little. As we source our blank T-shirts from different companies, its hard to give specific info on sizing. Please contact us with any questions.

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